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Turbobäume und Plastikfresser: Wie wir das Klima retten, den Müll aus dem Meer holen, alle Pandemien besiegen und den Rest auch noch glänzend hinbekommen

One of the Top 5 Books on Amazon’s Hot New Releases anticipated for 2023

Looking to Nature for the Next Industrial Revolution – Synthetic Biology 

There’s another industrial revolution forming, and it promises to be at least as far reaching as the ones before it. Because this revolution is taking shape across multiple technologies—game-changing advances in fields ranging from artificial intelligence (AI) to gene editing to quantum computing—its potential and reach are not immediately evident. 

But Synthetic Biology has become a disruptive force that is birthing the Bio Economy. Biology is usually defined as the study of living things and life itself, but Synthetic Biology has turned the science into the manufacturing paradigm of the future. Microorganisms can, in theory, make many of the things that industrial processes currently manufacture, so Synthetic Biology —the design and engineering of biological systems to create and improve processes and products—
offers new ways of producing almost everything that human beings consume, from flavors and fabrics to foods and fuels.

Synthetic Biology Is transforming products and processes. A silver bullet in our quest to create a bioeconomy which is built by biology and has sustainability at its core.  

You'll learn about


Production of New Materials that don’t exist in Nature


How to Invest in the Science of Sustainability


From Personalized Medicine to Personalized Everything


Plastic-Eating Bacteria Eliminating Billions of Tons of Landfill Waste


Supertrees removing 10x more CO2 from the Atmosphere


Textiles made from Artificial Spider Silk


Growing Cement using Bacteria


How Synthetic Biology will help us colonize Mars

This Book is a Blueprint for the Creation of a Bioeconomy Built by Biology and Turbocharged by Technology. This is your definitive guide on how to benefit from the latest advances of the Synthetic Biology Revolution. 

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