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Shirvani, PhD


Dr. Tara Shirvani is a distinguished expert in sustainability, climate finance, and the bioeconomy. She authored the bestseller "Plastic Eaters and Turbo Trees: How to Save the Climate, Remove all the Trash from the Sea, and Master the Rest with Brilliance," driving the discussion how synthetic biology can lead to meaningful climate action 


With over 15 years of experience, Dr. Shirvani has played a pivotal role in developing impactful climate projects and policies at the intersection of technology, sustainability, and finance. Her advocacy for climate finance underscores her belief in its critical role in driving decarbonization through strategic investments in low-carbon technologies and sustainable development.


In 2022, she co-founded the Climate Crisis Advisory Group with Sir David King to provide expert guidance on climate action to policymakers. Dr. Shirvani's academic achievements include a Master's in Engineering for Sustainable Development from Cambridge University by age 21 and a PhD in Green Transport Solutions from Oxford University at 24. She has earned the Aviva Women of the Future Award, Forbes 30 under 30 recognition, and is fluent in German, English, French, and Farsi.

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