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Where to put my money in 2023

29. January.2023

Where to put my money in 2023

Here is why you should consider investing in the Bio-Materials Revolution!

As consumers demand more sustainable products, biotech companies are reinventing the fashion industry by introducing innovative materials and production methods. They need the kind of skilled workers whose jobs have gone away due to Covid.

Ecovative - the mycelium technology company, for example, has a biomanufacturing platform that can make synthetic leather (or packaging material, or bacon) from biology. MycoWorks also grows 100% biodegradable “leather” from fungi and agricultural byproducts. #BoltThreads is developing ways to mass-produce spider silk, a naturally occurring supermaterial that can be processed into different formats, including 3D structures. Biotech companies like #Colorifix#Tinctorium, and #Pili are on the front lines of replacing the chemically intensive methods of dyeing clothes with environmentally friendly methods based on biology.

As these companies grow, there will be a demand for skilled workers from conventional manufacturing areas. The UK government is estimating over 1.5million jobs can be created through the shift towards a biomaterials economy. The change is happening and it is time the financial sector jumps on board. Comment on the post below to share your your experience in the field

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