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How the UK Prime Minister is failing the global fight against climate

Updated: Mar 5

This morning on BBC News radio I predicted that the decision by UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to shelve various climate pledges will be his Liz Truss moment. Mark my words! Yesterday’s announcement is likely taking the UK even further away from being able to meet its legal obligations of reaching net zero by 2050. This is a classic political misdirection with the UK Prime Minister suggesting he is supporting normal people while failing to developing the UK green economy which could create large numbers of jobs, reduce everyone's energy bills and greatly reduce the cost of living crisis - basic economics 101 which he seems to have missed. On top of that this goes against what the majority of the British people want given their concern about climate change. It goes against what business want, which is clear support and leadership in the race to netzero. It also goes against sensible economics which shows that renewable energy is much cheap and more secure than fossil fuel energy. Tune in to listen to my interview in full here:

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