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COP26: The Decisive Moment

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

We need a comprehensive strategy to head off the worst, that focuses on ‘Reduce, Remove and Repair’.1 • A rapid and deep reduction of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, coming out of COP26 and going beyond current promises, that delivers global netzero in short order. • Removal of GHGs at scale from the atmosphere – starting immediately. Use multiple Nature Based Solutions (NBS), with sharing of monitoring, learning and impacts around the world. NBS is land- and ocean-based, and in the margins between: replanting and rewilding (and preserving) forests, Blue Carbon, peatlands and mangrove. GHGs must reduce from current levels of 500 to a safe 350 ppm. • Repair of the Arctic sea-ice, again with NBS, arresting the cascading consequences of summer sea-ice loss.2 Much extreme weather across the globe can be calmed, and sea-level rise reduced – even stopped – to buy time for a complete global transition to a manageable future.

Link to full paper here:

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