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Guilt-Free Zero Carbon Flying - Is that a thing? BBC Radio 5

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

I sat down with BBC Radio 5 Live to discuss if we can ever have #guiltfree -flying aka net-zero flying. While it is true that, the recent report by The Royal Society rightly pointed out that there is no single bullet net zero alternative to jet fuel right now, having a cap or a ban on flying would certainly be a step in the wrong direction.

As I put in my conversation with nihal Arthanayake 'Abstinence has never been a way to success’. And it’s the same for flying!

Behavior changes are important, right? How many dresses do you need? How many bags do you need? We will need to make drastic changes to the way we produce everyday things. But a ban or taxing mobility would just create a bigger social injustice. Bigger chasm. And at the end of the day, you solve a problem by creating social justice, not furthering inequities.

Who decides what is a luxury travel expense? Between telling somebody that they can't afford to go in an exchange program or visit their family? Measures as such would change our way of life for the worst. We must focus on solving the climate problem in a way that it doesn't create injustices and reduces carbon emissions.

Link to story here

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